Should I attend the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair?

We’ve had a lot of questions about whether people should attend the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair -and so to answer this we’ve created this short article.

I’m an creative agency director with 4 staff – should I attend?

Essentially, if you are looking to expand your services or connect with latest innovations – but without growing your fixed salaried staff, then yes, this event is for you. If this works well, it should introduce you to flexible freelancers who will be able to pick up any extra work that you generate and hence, enable you to make more pitches confident of delivering them. Equally, you would expect to pick up new marketing ideas which you can then take to existing clients – with the knowledge that you can deliver.

On the other hand, if you are coming looking to find SMEs who want to hire an agency, then the event isn’t going to deliver this.

I’m a freelance sales person – should I attend?

If you are coming as a freelance sales person then yes, this event is for you. There will be people who want to grow their business and increase their sales, so what you can offer will fit with that need.

However, if you are coming to sell services directly on the day, for instance, you want to sell web design services, then no, this isn’t for you. Instead, please ask your designer to attend the event instead, as potential clients want to cut out the middle man/ woman and get to the person whose talent they are hiring.

I am a management trainer – should I attend?

Yes, if you are looking to develop your marketing and sales and win more business. You may choose to do this digitally with websites and social media etc… or you may follow a traditional route of lead generation and personal contact. However, if you are looking to expand your business, then this event will provide you with the resources to do this.

Of course, if you aim is to sell management training to freelancers, then, no, this is not the right event.

Do you have any freelance positions right now?

Yes, companies can add their freelance roles to the job board – which you can check here

Can I work from home or from an office?

That depends on each client and / or each project. Typically, large organisations want you to work from their office. Small or start-up companies want you to work from home or your own office.

Where can I find out about latest freelance jobs

Check the job board at

Where can I meet clients

You can meet a variety of clients at the Enterprise Freelance Fair.

I can’t make the event – can you introduce me outside of the event?

We are looking at the feasibility of making introductions outside of the event, however, these would be fee based and would cost considerably more than an entrance ticket. Our model is most effective when you meet people face to face, as this creates the opportunity for open and innovative conversations in which new solutions are thought up. Arranging this outside the event loses this important quality as well as takes considerably more time.

Why do I need to meet potential clients?

Often, a client doesn’t have a particular need but nevertheless will be aware that they are missing out on sales and/ or growth. Meeting clients and talking about their objectives helps them see the value of your skills and how these skills can help them to meet their business objectives.

What is the benefit of the fair?

The Enterprise Freelance Fair delivers excellent training and workshop followed by managed introductions. We will ensure that everyone is introduced to at least 5 appropriate contacts and that you will leave with at least 3 high value leads.

Is there any guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee you 3 high value leads (client leads, freelancer leads – depending on your objectives) and will work with you after the event to deliver these or refund your entrance ticket money.

Why is the fair only for the morning?

The Fair runs for the morning, from 9am to 1pm to allow freelancers to also complete a days work as well as make many new connections.

How often to you hold the fairs?

This is the second season of holding the fairs. Check our website for latest confirmed dates:

Why are the fairs only available in the North West?

The Fairs are still a relatively new concept and we are developing in this region after which they will be rolled out across the UK.

Will I get work straight away from the fairs?

Some people do walk away with work but it is best not to expect this. You will however, leave with valuable leads which if you follow up, you can expect to turn into business in the course of time. Remember, the real benefit of the event is that you can achieve far more in less time and less cost than is otherwise possible.

Why do you run workshops

It is hard for freelancers to win business. Therefore, the workshops are designed to help freelancers see how their special skills and experience can benefit the various clients who attend. In this way, freelancers can expect to achieve a greater level of connection with different clients and so win more business on the day of the fair as well as at subsequent meetings.

Who should attend the Enterprise Freelance Fair?

  • Start-up entrepreneurs (and serial entrepreneurs) – looking to grow their business
  • Agency directors and owners – looking to build flexible resource and access latest new ideas (which can be pitched to current and future clients)
  • Media directors and owners – looking to find freelance skills and creative talent to deliver their media projects
  • Marketing managers and directors – looking to increase sales whilst working with frozen budgets
  • Freelancers in the creative, digital, media, marketing and sales sector
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Written by Editor on October 4, 2010 and filed in Featured, News

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