Six ways to overcome freelance stress

Contributed by Isaiah  Frazier

Anyone who has freelanced for some time can attest to the fact that freelancing at times can be stressful. With demanding clients, deadlines, financial concerns, and admin task you’re freelancing dream can easily turn into a nightmare. Like all things in this world nothing lasts forever and with that being said you will eventually get over the hurdle you are currently facing.

In my experience as a freelancer I have developed over time certain techniques or mental attitudes that help me overcome the stress of freelancing. In this post I will briefly describe the techniques that I implement on a daily basis with hopes to alleviate or completely diminish the anxieties you face as a freelancer.

1) Jogging

Jogging not only improves your endurance, but increases your determination and will to succeed. On a personal level every time I jog I feel a renewed sense of purpose and my goals and aspirations dig deeper into my subconscious. I suggest you try your best to wake up early 5am if possible to get up and start your jog and you will immediately see the benefits and your level of stress will dramatically decline.

2) Work on your craft

If you are a painter paint if you are an artist create art if you are a writer write. In moments of tension doing what you love to do will always subdue the anxiety you have bundled up inside you. I usually listen to Pandora (chill / downtempo radio station) with a cup of green tea to put my mind at ease and then I work on an illustration I have been wanting to do but never took the time out to do it.

Next time you feel the pressure of freelancing make sure to block out time to work on a project that is close to your heart and I can guarantee you will feel better.

3) Disconnect yourself and go out

One day I was watching The Corporation and Charles Jeremy Rifkin mentioned:

“What happens if we wake up one day, and we find out that virtually all of our relationships that are mediated between us and our fellow human beings are commercial?

“We find out that virtually every relationship we have is a commercially arbitrated relationship with our fellow human beings. Can civilization survive on that narrow definition of how we interact with each other?”

This statement deeply resonated with me because I have noticed that social media networks like twitter and facebook devalue human relationships and as a whole we do not truly connect with each other as we used to. In my personal opinion the more time you devote to building relationships that have substance and disconnect your virtual self you be more open to the world and appreciate what you do have which eliminates stress.

4) Manage your finances

Financial concerns are probably the most stressful thing a freelancer can experience. I am no financial advisor, but if you want to find your biggest expense review your bank statements. You will eventually notice what you spend a majority of your money on.

Try your best to cut back on needless spending and reduce your expenses.There are many software packages that you can buy that will help you manage and track your money so take some time to look for the best software that fits your needs.

5) Focus on taking action and let go of the result

Many people get so caught up in accomplishing a goal they can become easily frustrated when they do not reach their goals. When you apply yourself to the very moment you relinquish thoughts of inadequacy and inevitably find yourself accomplish the goals you set forth.

6) Stop comparing yourself to others

How many times do you look at someone else accomplishments and say to yourself I want to have that? Or see someone abilities and think they are better than you? Everyone grows at a different pace and what you might excel in some else might lack in. Never get caught up with other people successes, but merely focus on developing your innate abilities and the world will open up to you.

Final Thoughts

I hope these above strategies can help you overcome the anxieties you face as a freelancer and remember to always be patient with yourself and constantly look for solutions rather than focus on the negatives.

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