Startup Workshop Manchester – 12th October – now FREE!

Find out if you are you ready to launch or join a startup…

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur who is looking to join or thinking about launching a startup business, then you’ve come to the right place…

 *** This workshop is now free – thanks to the support of Idea Alive – the business accelerator that turns good ideas into great businesses ***

In our 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn…

    • What is the difference between static and recurring revenue – and why it matters
    • Why a freelance income is good – but a startup capital gain can set you up for life
    • Should you start a business on the side of a job or freelance career or just go full time?
    • How do you find new clients for your freelance business whilst building a seperate startup?

… and …

  • Which is more important for a startup- Team, Idea, Market or money?
  • What are the different people roles in a startup – and which role should you play?
  • What do venture capitalist look for in startups?
  • Should you become an agency and start to hire other freelancers? Or is this a big mistake?

… and …

  • Maybe, you’ve got a great business idea, but do you build the business alone or look for fellow founders?
  • How do I get funding for my busines venture?
  • What are the different stages of funding and how do I optimise my business plan?

In addition, delegates will be given a sneak preview of Idea Alive – the business accelerator coming to the North West.

As part of the Idea Alive sneak preview, you’ll also be presented with at least 5 new business ventures – which are looking for equity partners – and invited to apply to join these teams. The businesses are;

  1. Social TV
  2. Mobile security for computer passwords
  3. Legacy social media
  4. Health, Wealth and Fitnesss community
  5. Freelance buddy community

This workshop will raise and resolve these and other key questions to help founder, entprepreneurs and marketing, sales, digital, PR, IT and PR freelancers take the next step…

 Lastly, we will run the eTeamTool Lite entrepreneur assessment at the end of the workshop – in which you can size up your potential to succeed a part of a startup team.

The workshop size is limited to a small number of delegates to ensure we can tackle questions from ALL delegates.

So, if you want to meet with fellow freelancers and founders and have a chance to quizz and challenge a startup expert, please book onto the workshop quickly (note, tickets are strictly limited).

This workshop is hosted by Neil Lewis, founder of with contributions from the attendees, this workshop is designed to unpick and challenge these critical questions and, using shared views from other delegates, find a way to answer these issues so that you can take the next step.

Neil Lewis has build a series of digital, sales and knowledge based businesses from back bedroom startups to mutlimillion pound turn-over and valuations. He has sold business assets, pivoted businesses, worked with venture capitalists and business angels. He is an expert on how to develop the right startup team to both win funding and also achieve your goals.

Neil is a published author and you can read/ review his book – 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs – here.

The previous Startup Workshop was run in September with a 100% recommendation rate – read more about what the delegates said here…

…or order your tickets below.

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