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Will you start a growth business in autumn 2011?

We’ve know for a while – what the stock markets have just realised – that western markets and freelance job prospects are extrememly tough.

So, instead of waiting around for someone else to create a business which can offer us great freelance jobs and roles, shall we step out and just build the businesses ourselves?

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Helping NW Enterpreneurs choose between Business Angel and VC Funding

Brett Tudor is the freelance editor of iBusinessAngel and will be talking to entrepreneurs and business leaders about the different routes to raising funds and the benefits/ downsides of each route.
Find out more…

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3 days left – to get work and grow your business in Manchester

You have just 3 days left to get your earlybird tickets to the Manchester 16th Feb Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair.

Why might you want to come? Simple!

Freelancers come to find work and new clients.

Entrepreneurs come to learn how to commercialise their products, services and meet the talent that can grow their businesses fast.

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Entrepreneurs – are you ready to fire half your staff?

Shocking! Perhaps!

Honest? Yes!

Wise? Well, is a US$250m company in 7 years enough proof?

If so, why, and what do entrepreneurs need to do?

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Help for entrepreneurs – great idea, but missing sales?

What do you call an entrepreneur with a great idea but no sales?

A dreamer? An inventor? Someone who never makes it?

Okay, it is not good to be an entrepreneur without sales. In which case, what do you do?

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EFF Manchester venue praised by government minister

The venue for the first Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair event of 2011 has been praised by a cabinet minister.

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Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair – Manchester 16th Feb

Sponsored by Brookson Accountancy Services Bringing successful entrepreneurs and talented freelancers together 16th February 4:30 pm to 9:00pm at Innospace, Central Manchester Which came first, the talented freelancer or the successful entrepreneur? It’s the age old question. If you’re a freelancer with skills in sales, IT, PR, marketing, media, digital, writing or design, you want […]

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Help for Entrepreneurs… who engage Freelancers…

We’ve learnt some important lessons in 2010 – and to kick off 2011 in the right spirit we are going to make a few changes!

Firstly, we have a new section on Enterprise Freelance Fair – just for entrepreneurs growing their businesses by engaging freelance talent.

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See the Manchester Freelance Fair…

What is the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair – and why do freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners believe it can help them grow their business? Find out what people said at out lastest Manchester event …

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