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Frazzled Freelancer: 10 great articles every freelance pro should read

We’ve compiled ten great articles from  around the web, written by experts to guide you through every stage of your freelancing career – from starting out to expanding into an agency.

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Frazzled Freelancer: Seven tips to boost your freelance business

The Frazzled Freelancer has seven quick and easy ways to get a little extra out of your business that will increase your income without increasing your spending.

Written by Tim Aldred on September 11, 2012 and filed in Frazzled Freelancer, Opinion , , , , ,

Outstanding marketing results? Can it be done with freelancers?

I set out to see if it was possible to put a team of talented freelancers together and create exceptional results. 

Did it work?
 The answer, in my experience, is yes, it does!

Written by Editor on March 28, 2011 and filed in Entrepreneurs, Featured, Innovative Entrepreneur, News, Opinion , , , ,

Freelance projects recruiting at Daresbury – 31st March

Our final event of the Spring will be in Daresbury, Cheshire (nr Warrington) at 9.30 on Thursday 31st March and will be full of exciting new projects that need resourcing with freelance talent.

Find out what freelance projects are already booked to attend…

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Faster sales and better Marketing – 3 key tips

Which entrepreneur or business executive doesn’t want faster sales and better marketing?

None, of course!

The only thing that has recently changed is that speed has become more and more important.

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Entrepreneurs: don’t fall for the super-salesman myth

All entrepreneurs are looking for more sales. That makes perfect sense, because how can a business grow without additional revenue?

Also, many entrepreneurs, especially those with a software, engineering or technical background fall for the myth of ‘I just need a great salesperson, and then my business will grow’.

However, needing to make sales is not the same as finding a great salesperson, and too many entrepreneurs fail to realise the difference with serious consequences for their businesses.

Written by Editor on January 24, 2011 and filed in Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Innovative Entrepreneur, Opinion , ,

Enterprise and Freelance Survey: how we view freelancers?

The Enterprise and Freelance Survey is a survey of attitudes towards freelance staff among both the business and freelance / agency communities.

This questionnaire is focused on your experience of the digital, marketing, sales, media, performance and creative freelance sector – as a business owner, manager, freelancer or agency director.

This 9 question survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Following which we will send the results of the survey to all participants who provide us with an email address, once we have completed the analysis.

Click to take the survey…

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Freelance Talent: Emma Runciman, Think Say Do Market Research

Why and how are people buying your products or services?

Buying’s a subtle process, and people’s influences aren’t always obvious. Think about it – when you shop, can you give clear, tangible reasons for every single item you’ve dropped in the trolley?

Written by Editor on June 10, 2010 and filed in Featured, Freelancers, News , , , ,

SOLD OUT Enterprise & Freelance Fair, North West, Warrington – 16th June

This event is now sold out. If you don’t yet have a ticket please contact us directly in case of late cancellations.

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Enterprises: meet 40 North West Freelancers in 3 Hours? Only 2 places left!

We all know that the creative, digital and marketing talent is out there – but how do we, the business leaders, meet them?

How do successful entrepreneurs find out the buzz of what is working – and what is not working – without it taking forever and a day?

Okay, so if you could meet 40 creative, digital, marketing and media freelancerswho could pitch their services to you in just 3 hours – all in less than a mornings work – then that would be of huge value, true?

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