The big debate – what would happen if you got ill – an another Startup Workshop success

We ran another of our 100% successful startup workshops last night and managed to stir up a big debate.

The question we were discussing was; “what happens to our income if you/ I get ill”?

Now, a few in the startup group had experienced ill fortune – literally – a broken wrist or hospitalised for 6 weeks. And it led us to the question – what happens if you/ I fall ill?

Initially, a few of us thought, well, we sort of manage – for instance, working with one hand. Or, so long as I can use the phone, I can ask others to cover the work and keep talking to clients.

However, the more we talked, the more we realised that if you / I really fall ill then the pain and sickness is just to much to be able to continue talking to clients and resolving ‘who does what’ issues by phone.

Which left us with the question – what happens if you (or I) really do get ill?

And that’s why we then went onto a rigorous discussion about how to build an asset or ‘subscription’ product that keeps paying us whether we are working or not. And that’s what building a business – as opposed to a freelance income – is really about.

Perhaps we need to start a debate on this topic to see what plans (including insurance) people have in place?

Here below is some of the feedback…

Really interesting, an fantastic insight into the pitfalls / pros / cons of starting a business
Phil Young @ Phil Young Design

Very helpful to push more ideas forward
Vince @ Pure Software

I felt the most valuable part of the event as the development of business ideas
Margaret McCarthy O’Sullivan

Very thought provoking – I thought the most valuable part was understanding the interaction of the startup team
Marta Slater

Stimulating and thought-provoking

Dennis Richards

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