The End of Jobs?

No, I’m not talking about Steve Jobs – I’m talking about jobs…

…you know, employment – full time roles with benefits, holiday, sick pay, redundancy, pensions, national insurance, paye, bosses, org charts, job descriptions, things not in my job description, in the US – heath care, maternity rights, paternity rights, gossip at the water coolers, health and safety etc…

… is the end in sight?

The answer is probably not, but the fundamental shift from fixed / rigid and heavily legislated employment to a more fluid, flexible, solution based way of resourcing your business is taking place.

There are two ways to see this.

Employment figures

Firstly, take a look at the employment figures – the jobless recovery this is called. In the US, the economy has been booming but private sector hiring has been only marginally positive. Companies just aren’t hiring the way they used too. The US now has an unemployment rate of above 10% – that is greater than the Eurozone.


Secondly, look at some of the thinking – such as David Ramacitti – Faculty at Benedictine University, Chicago, USA:

“We conclude that the traditional “jobs” paradigm has changed fundamentally, probably forever. In order to protect the all-important bottom line, large employers no longer want “employees.”

“Employees mean benefits. Employees mean HR hassles. Employees are on the books whether they’re needed or not. What they want are self-employed contingent workers who can be “hired” for specific, time-limited projects. We are moving into an era of entrepreneurs, self-employment”

So, we are not just talking about small companies looking to save a penny or two. Nor are we speaking about the start-up business sector. Here, this is a comment to say that corporate America doesn’t want full time jobs anymore.

Yes, US companies need human skill, resource and ingenuity – but they want to engage in a different way. They want freelance staff or outsourced agencies who can find and deliver solutions to their business needs.

It is not an immediate change, but what happens in the US normally happens in the UK, and the depth of the recession and weakness of the recovery suggests that the shift from Jobs to Freelance is simply speeding up.

How will you find your next freelance assignment? How will you tap into the goldmine of freelance resource?

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