End of the marketing dept?

The outsourcing trend is reaching the next stage – the marketing department.

For the past 12 years, marketing budgets have been switching from buying space in someone else’s magazine, newspaper or TV program, to building your own digital media (or website).

This shift in how the marketing budget has been spent has also come with a big drive to hire web managers by companies.

So, full time employee salaries have been replacing advertising or direct marketing contracts.

So, what is going to happen next?

Well, the job – with all its trimmings – opportunities for law suits – disruption – red tape and the steady growth of liabilities (redundancy and pensions) have made traditional employment a non starter for growth businesses.

So, the end of jobs is well documented and taking place already.

But what will happen to the huge influx of marketing skills into companies head offices?

Here’s what we think will happen

a) head offices are expensive – and therefore will face reductions in numbers

b) marketing has becoming increasingly digital – which means it can be delivered from London, Leeds or Liverpool without delays or hold ups – and these cities are sufficiently well connected by road and rail – for occaisional face to face meetings to be feasible.

c) marketing is too complex for anyone person! When I began in marketing – I needed to understand direct marketing – that is lists, copywriting, design and fulfilment. Now, you need to know all this – and also social media (or how to be an effective e-facilitator as I have heard it described); you need to be able to record and edit video (and write the scripts and know how to present). It is important to understand mobile media too – be able to commission e-commerce IT systems as well as user friendly apps.

Of course, marketing departments also need to know how to sell – telemarketing, face to face and senior executive large scale negotiation.

Yes, marketing has become – and is increasingly – a widely multi-discipline activity.

And, of course, every single channel or activity is changing and being changed by the digital space faster than ever before.

So, no one person can keep on top of all the skills and developments in all areas of marketing.

And, for that reason, smart businesses are buying in more and more marketing expertise from specialists on a ‘need to have’ basis.

That means, freelancers with specialist skills can deliver what marketing managers and directors need – with greater knowledge and skill – and a far better price than a full time employee who spends most of his or her time working on non-core skill activity.

The marketing department, then, will become a buyer department – buying in the skills and knowledge from outsourced marketing practicioners, agencies and freelancers.

The question then is – how do the marketing buyers source their freelance and agency skill and talent?

You go it – Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair in Manchester on 9th November and Daresbury/ Cheshire on 19th November.

Remember – Manchester is the UK’s second most active base on Twitter – and buying freelancers in the North – Livepool, Leeds or Manchester – is considerably more cost effective than buying similar skills in London.

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