Tips for a successful freelance career from copywriter Andy Maslen

Andy Maslen provides his tips for a successful freelance copyrwriting career…

1          You have to think big, even if you’re small

You can get rich working for yourself, but to do so you have to start off by thinking like a big company. Be professional at all times. Invest in marketing. Learn or buy in the skills you need. Not sure who to work with? Find local marketing freelancers to help you at the Enterprise Freelance Fairs.

2          Running your own business should be fun.

Yes, it’s hard work, but if you’re as stressed out as you were in your old job, why bother? Now you don’t even have health benefits.

3          You’re nothing without sales

Now, every penny you earn arrives because you made it. But that places a huge burden on your shoulders. You have to sell…yourself, your product/service and your business. People who aren’t natural sales types often struggle to sell themselves. They feel embarrassed or unequal to the task. They don’t like “talking about myself”. Well, wake up and smell the coffee! If you don’t do it, who will?

4          Nobody matters more than your customer

Build your business around your customers and you’ll never be out of work. Remember they’re the ones paying your mortgage now, so look after them. Figure out what they need and provide that. They’ll pay what you ask if the service is right.

These ideas are taken from Write Copy, Make Money: How to Build Your Own Successful Freelance Copywriting Business, Andy Maslen’s fourth book.

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