UK Government promises superfast broadband for all by 2015

As reported by tech blog The Next Web this morning, the UK government has promised to up the UK’s broadband speeds by 2015, a boost for web thirsty freelancers and start-ups across Britain.

A report headed by Google in October revealed that the UK internet economy is worth £100 billion a year, dwarfing traditional sectors such as construction, utilities or transport. The Connected Kingdom report also suggested that 250,000 people are directly employed in internet businesses and that the sector is growing 10% year on year.

Last week Ofcom attacked the speed of UK broadband, claiming that one in 50 households had access to fast speeds, considerably lower than other European countries and significantly behind Eastern households.

What do you think? Have the government been too late in promising to up broadband speeds? And do you think you’re currently getting a good deal from your ISP?

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Written by Alistair Beech on December 6, 2010 and filed in Entrepreneurs, News , ,

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