Wanted: Co-founder / Lead Prototyper / R&D Programmer with deep music interests


Posted by Aaron Smiles
Business Name Smudge Inc. Arts
Which Region North/ North East/ Yorkshire
Freelance / co-founder role name Lead Prototyper / R&D Programmer
Role description Looking for a full-time creative and adaptable C++ programmer who can solve broad/bespoke technical problems. Working autonomously to loose specifications/design documentation as an R&D prototyper on a new audiovisual technology using kinetic sensors, specifically Leap Motion. The product is in early conceptual stages and utilises new technologies, so skills must be adaptable and candidate must be able to think pragmatically and innovatively as they will be leading the development from early design concepts to fully working prototype/beta version.

• Very good working knowledge of C++ and Java.
• Creative and innovative problem solver.
• Must have experience/interest in audio interfaces/real-time DSP. Or, deep interest in electronic music and music production/performance technology/software.

• Genuine desire and passion towards working in a start up/SME.
• Takes ownership of work to help drive the business forward.
• Proven record of building systems from scratch.
• Dedicated to project development.

Contact 07966709879
Contact Email aaron@smudgeinc-arts.co.uk
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