What do freelancers and businesses want? More sales! When do they want it? Now!

We asked and interviewed a wide range of business people and freelancers and from this research we found that the great unmet need that connects all business sectors is a need for more sales.

So, if we all need more sales… how to we go about achieving this?

The number of respondees telling us that they felt left behind by the internet was surprisingly low – just 4 %.

Equally, the number of businesses concerned by their social media marketing or mobile phone communications were just 39 and 31% respectively.

Yet 100% of respondees said, yes, we need more sales.

So what do businesses and entrepreneurs make of this? And how does this help a freelancer figure out how to win more work?

Clearly, most businesses perceive that they are active in a variety of appropriate off line and digital marketing channels and media.

The evidence for this is that they are running ads, maintaining their website, supplying their twitter feeds, which they feel are all doing the right thing.

But are they doing the right thing?

What this survey shows us is that most businesses are happy with what they are doing. In other words, this can be interpreted as a low desire to spend on new projects.

However, measured by the out comes, all businesses, 100%, declared themselves dissatisfied with the results. In other words, they all want more sales and more revenue for their marketing and sales effort.

So what does this mean?

So, a freelancer pitching a business must avoid one thing and focus on two others.

Firstly, freelancers can start by recognising that all potential new clients want more sales. The next step is to ask the potential client what kind of sales – increase in repeat business, higher profit margin sales etc… they really want?

Second, have a look at what they are currently doing and show them one or two ways they can achieve more sales by using your skills and knowledge.

Lastly, here is what you, the freelancer, mustn’t do. Do NOT say, ‘I’m a PHP programmer – do you want one’? Or a copywriter…0r a design creative…or an seo expert…or a camera man…or a marketing director.

Instead, take your skills, swot up on how those skills have been used by your clients (or failing that previous employer), on their own or as part of a team, to increase sales or deliver better results.

For programmers you’ll focus on how improved web functionality can increase web traffic. A copywriter would talk about higher conversion rates, a designer on an increase in buzz or excitement around the product. An SEO about more visitors and a cameraman about YouTube traffic or a producer will count impressions. All of which lead, directly or indirectly, to more sales.

If you have time, work out two ways your skills can benefit the sales outcomes of that business before you meet them. If you don’t have time before you meet, offer to conduct a brief review after the meeting and provide two or three ideas which could increase sales that leverage your skills.

Now, this is good news for start up entrepreneurs, media owners, agency directors and of course marketing and sales managers and directors. Your potential client wants to have conversations around how they can increase their sales.

Present your freelance abilities in the form of helping businesses achieve what they need (sales) will help you win more business more often and build a growing list of satisfied clients.


If you want training and advice on how to achieve this, why not join our next Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair event. You’ll learn how to win more clients and be introduced to potential new clients. Or, if you are a business, start up, agency or media owner, then we’ll introduce you to the most suitable freelancers.


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