Why can’t I just get a good job or well paying contract or freelance work?

Question:  Why can I just get a good job or well paying contract / freelance work?

Answer:  Many of the jobs we hoped to get after our degree, our training or our MBA just don’t exist.

And they aren’t suddenly going to appear after this recession is over.

Which is why freelancing and entrepreneurship seems to be the best option for anyone who wants to gain control of their lives.

But there are problems with many small business. Many small business owners end up working longer hours for little or no return and getting deeper in to debt. Conventional small business is a nightmare for many.

Things are not much better for large corporations either. These large organisations are looking to downsize and reduce costs to maintain profit growth while sales remain steady, or, even worse, they are looking to reduce staff in the slow growth markets and hire more staff in the faster growing Asian and LatAm markets.

So, what choice do we have? Prof John Potter reviews some of the options and comes up with a couple of answers.

If you’d like to get more information on this opportunity and on how and why you can adapt and profit from these changes taking place in the world today, then please phone Susanne on 07927 482163.


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