Why Most Freelance Work isn’t Advertised – and what you can do about it

Freelance roles or work is similar to normal jobs. That is, the vast majority of roles are not advertised.

And as the roles become more senior, then there is a rapid fall off in the rate at which they are advertised.

Why is this, and what can you do about it?

Understanding that the majority of freelance work or roles are NOT advertised is a key element to setting out your strategy for winning more freelance work.

So why is this?

Quite simply, because most businesses – especially small to medium sized businesses – don’t know how to define the job, such that they can not advertise the role.

Let’s take this classic example – a tech entrepreneur  – who knows how to build systems and hire software engineers and he decides that he wants more sales. Great.

He will then either decide he needs to hire a great salesman or equally, he may decide that he wants a social media marketing person. Why social media? Well, everyone’s doing it, aren’t they, so why shouldn’t I?

However, a short conversation with the enterpreneur might realise that he could benefit from an email marketing campaign, or perhaps SEO. In some cases, his business might be missing credibility, in which case, a traditional PR campaign to raise brand awareness might be key.

At the same time, video might be a more effective way of explaining the benefits of this product backed up by telesales? Or perhaps more digital marketing in the form of affiliate marketing.

Now, remember, our tech entrepreneur is already very busy. He has specialist knowledge around systems – but will he have time to understand the ins and outs of sales and marketing? No, and that’s why, if asked, he’ll grasp for the first things that come to mind – like a great salesman (see the myth of the super-salesman) or the latest trend (ie social media).

Equally, that’s why a brief conversation in which you ask, ‘what help do you need’ is likely to reveal the degree and shape of what his business really needs. This then allows you to tailor what you do – video, PR, Web design, Social Media, email marketing, SEO and bloggging, telesales, sales, branding etc….  to meet the need of his business.

In this conversation, the freelance role or piece of work is created – because now the client / entrepreneur can see why he needs that work done.

Equally, as you have just helped him to see what he needs, he knows that you understand his issues, he is more than likely to hire you.

Well, he won’t say – Alan Sugar like – you’re hired. He (or she) will simply say, yes I do need that – and then ask you for a quote.

Being asked to quote tells you that the job is now there. You will have created that job for yourself in the conversation that you have had.

How do you meet entrepreneurs AND also have real business conversations?

Clearly, you meet people by getting out and meeting people face to face. This can also be done via groups on LinkedIn for instance – such as our linkedIn group – but the key ingredient is not just meeting people – after all you do that on the bus and train each and every day – but meeting them in the right environment.

You must meet people in an environment in which they are ready to do business with you.

That’s why we’ve build the enterprise freelance fair as a hybrid event – to bring successful entrepreneurs and talented freelancers together.

It is why we run training and workshops prior to the event to ensure that everyone if focused on solving business problems.

And then we make tailored introductions to ensure you meet the best people in the room for a useful and direct 10 minute conversation around doing business together.

This method is designed to unleash pent up desire for more sales and faster growth among the entrepreneurs by connecting them with talented freelancers able to deliver more and faster.

Want to see how it works or book your ticket….

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