Will employers head for the exit in 2011?

In 2010 many start up businesses leveraged the skills and talent of freelancers to grow their businesses.

At the same time, more and more established businesses have converted from an employment base to a freelance and contract base.

But, will the trickle of business conversion in 2010 become a flood in 2011? We think so.

Why? Well, business is facing an ever increasing employment burden and unless the business can employ a specialist HR consultant, it can’t safely manage the ever changing employment landscape.

Here are three key pieces of legislation that employers (or their HR consultants) need to tackle in 2011.

April 1st
Parents with children under 18 can request flexible working (currently only applies to paretns with children under 17). Employers will have a duty to consider these requests.

April 6th
Default retirement age ends, employers will not abe able to retire an employee after Oct 1st 2011. Instead, they will have to fire the employee or make them redundant (paying a large redundancy fee). This could add many thousands of pounds of costs to a small business that has been trading for a few years.

October 1st
Employers will need to give agency workers the same treatment as permanent workers in relation to pay and working time after they have completed 12 weeks on a given assignment.

Agency workers are temporary workers who are employed by a 3rd party agency and directed to work at the client company.

Please note, they are not freelancers or directly contracted contractors.

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