Will you make 3 hot new business contacts at Daresbury on the 19th November?

Want to meet entrepreneurs looking for help to expand sales and marketing?

Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to leverage the growing freelance and contract talent that is now available to pilot new projects and run new businesses?

More and more businesses and entreprenuers are turning to freelancers to provide an immediate, flexible and highly motivated work force.

However, the challenge of how do I find or recruit my freelancers remains the same. Most recruitment agencies won’t want to help if you are looking for a few days work or just a couple of weeks, as it simply isn’t efficient for them to do so.

So, you are on your own. Your choices are then to use an online database, where most of your respondees will come from India, Philipines or easter Europe. Or, find a better way to meet freelancers.

And that is what the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair will do for attendees on the 19th November in Daresbury/ Warrington next Friday. That is, introduce you to local talent freelancers for less than the cost of a meal. And we guarantee to deliver 3 hot new business leads.

To give you a flavour of who you might meet, here are just some of the businesses and freelancers that have booked so far include:

  • Online business looking to build sales in the dietry market.
  • Offline B2B business looking to develop business in the professional sector.
  • Online and offline B2C accountancy services business.
  • Startup business consultancy


  • Freelance HR experts
  • Successful copywriter and sales generators
  • Editors and proofreaders for web and print projects
  • Freelance brand adviser


  • WordPress developer
  • SEO, Pay per click and email marketing
  • Network administrator and web design

If you would like to meet these people, as well as benefit from the training, advice and money surgery, then please click here to take advantage of our earlybird offer and book now…

… and don’t forget we are so confident of our ability to introduce you to the right people that we guarantee 3 hot new business leads – or your money back.

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